Summer Discovery

July 28, 2008
By Shelby Risher, Louisville, KY

Laughter rung out among the crowd,
As Daddy called out, “Acrobat Woman!”
Puffed cheeks touched the water.
Pruned feet hit the bottom,
Forcing themselves to push up,
Up to be freed to the surface.

Laughter bubbled out of my chest as my head bobbed,
And as Daddy caught me,
Holding me so I wouldn’t sink back under.
Everything was silent,
All sound guarded by
The jubilant laughter
Of me and Daddy…

My heart swelled,
Crying of laughter,
When Daddy always asked,
“How’d you do that.

Up again I went, into the sky,
Everyone looked like ants,
From my place above them.
Laughing joyously, holding my breath again,
Ready to impress Daddy once more,
As I heard him call “Acrobat Woman!”

Sinking once again to the bottom,
I opened my eyes to see,
Everything in a new perspective,
And suddenly, I didn’t want to come back up…

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