Paradise or Utopia?

July 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Where one can find eternal happiness,
the atmosphere is of a pleasant kind,
untouched by disease and sadness,
such a place is paradise.

Where there is eternal youth,
untouched by old age phenomena,
where there is no death, only birth,
such a place is Utopia.

To submerge in Utopia,
or sink in paradise,
away from worldly hysteria,
is seen in a person's eyes.

But in paradise to spend a lifetime,
or rest in Utopia from the start,
is not to be sought in worldly mines,
but in the very depths of the mind, heart and soul.

The peace of mind,
and lifting the soul above the world's paranoia,
and the throbbing love in the heart that is kind,
is the pure joy of finding paradise in Utopia.

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