Walking on Water

July 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Walking on water is like floating in dreams,
there is no beginning and no end,
where the light is warm and falls in beams,
where no one is foe and friend.

Walking on water is like sleeping clouds,
where nothing is dry nor wet,
and the music plays loud,
lit with the sunset.

Walking on water is like finding paradise,
where there is no work, no duty,
where there are no foolish, no wise,
where the world is swayed by kindness and beauty.

Walking on water is like falling asleep,
in the soft, warm sand,
and into our dreams we sink deep,
with no need of a helping hand.

It isn't impossible to float in dreams or sleep in clouds,
and finding paradise is no difficult matter,
if we try and follow our hearts,
it's not difficult, really, to walk on water.

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