Me and Myself

July 28, 2008
By Aditi Bajaj, Thane (W), ZZ

Have you once looked in a mirror,
and though to yourself,
is this just a reflection from the mirror,
or is it me as myself?

I can see, reflected by the light,
the witty eyes and strong chin,
the determined shoulders and skin so white,
Is this who I am within?

I know myself as me,
and the world knows me as myself,
and when I talk to others, he and she,
I see the reflected image of myself.

I see that I am,
more beautiful than the rest,
yet so unsightly am I,
that i stay away from the best.

The most intelligent, the cleverest and smartest,
yet there is nothing in me, not a thought in my head,
the eye the sharpest,
yet dull like a knife that can't cut bread.

I am the bravest, most loyal,
yet I am a coward,
I am the most noble, the most royal,
yet one on whom no love is showered.

Mere mirror reflections,
are these from the people without,
who see from deep inside my outward reflections,
it is only me who knows what I am within.

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