A Year

July 28, 2008
By Aditi Bajaj, Thane (W), ZZ

A lot happens in a year,
some are born and some die,
and fawn mature into deer,
the colors change in the sky.

Everyone grows a year older,
summer and spring are warm,
autumn and winter colder,
and feathers turn white on the swan.

In the spring, the flowers bloom,
and nature displays its brightest hue,
the air lifts the winter gloom,
the morning brings fresh dew

In the summer it becomes hot,
and the air fills with humidity,
animals gather in a lot,
surrounded by nature's beauty.

In the fall,
the leaves fall from the trees,
leaving them leafless and tall,
in a cool breeze.

In the winter the air,
fills with frost and cold,
the winter wind blows through the hair,
birds fly to a place less cold.

In a year we experience all,
the seasons summer,
winter spring and fall,
each of which has its own shimmer.

A year is a lifetime,
spring and summer the youth,
and winter and fall the time,
when we pass into and old age from youth.

So if you think carefully,
as you look at the sky,
when they say truthfully,
"that's another long year gone by."

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