When The World Turned Gray

July 29, 2008
By Ellesandra Kuehnel, Cross Plains, WI

Children in my town all seem to have the same names.
The boys named after the earth, the girls after flowers.
My sisters Lily and Daisy skip down the street ands say hello to Bromine the butcher, Belladonna the librarian and Toph her husband.

They all avoid me like the plague, saying I was doom and misfortune.
I was born on the moment my mother died
Taking her life as I took my first breath.
I brought misfortune to my family, so my father named me Gray.

Being an outsider, I noticed things others didn’t.
I saw the flowers start to die,
the buildings dulled and the food lose taste.

When the world turned gray, I was there.
It didn’t happen all at once, so nobody noticed.
Lily’s hair turned from a lustrous brown to dull
and her blue eyes turned void.

But I was still in color, and no one else could see it.
They called me daft but when the sun turned dark,
they all blamed me and wanted me gone.
So before they came for me, I ran.
I ran through the forest and across the desert,
and finally reached the cliffs by the sea.

There was a bright red, the color of my hair,
coming from the lighthouse.
I ran towards the light as fast as I could.

A boy and a girl were there and they were in color.
They smiled and said two simple names
and I knew at once why I was there.

Born of misfortune as well,
the girl named Rain and the boy named Bane
had also seen the world turn gray.
They ran away from their towns in fright,
and ran until they saw the light.
The light of the lighthouse that shone so bright,
with everything it touched turned white.

Noises came from the edge of the desert,
from the town at the edge.
Word had spread that we three where here.
The three who had made the sun go dark.
Rain began to cry and Bane kicked the wall,
but I stayed still.
I knew somehow that if we ran,
we would become gray too.

The blinding red light form the lighthouse grew brighter
Rain and Bane stood underneath.
Brighter and brighter they began to turn.
Rain’s skin was blue and eyes full of lightning,
she rose into the air.
In a large swish she rose and faded,
her hair turned to clouds
and her body to water.
The rain that she gave fell in color.

Bane turned bright white
and rose into the sky.
I saw him join O’Ryan’s belt,
and shine in the dull sky.

But nothing happened to me;
why is that?
No upper destiny for me?
I cried and cried until a gray man came over to me
with a lusterless torch
and a soulless walk.

He tried to grab me,
but when he did,
he yelled out.
Color flooded from my touch and into his skin.
He turned a dark brown and his eyes bright
and took a step back.
The grass around him turned green
the color rose towards the sky.

Then I realized my purpose,
why I was left behind.
With touch to touch because of me,
the world was no longer gray
but bright.

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