A Deadly Duo.

July 29, 2008
By Claire Sislo, Eagle River, WI

Nefarious Neville was drinking a thought

A man on the floor losing brain,

The wife is morose, no society taut,

She washes the blood down the drain.

Nefarious Neville was trying to feel

A mass of untangled veins,

The wife is trying so hard to conceal,

A dead man's impossible stains.

Nefarious Neville was licking a sight,

So cunning, a blind eye can see!

The wife is pleading him into the night,

Just hide corpses, now you're free!

Nefarious Neville, a saint and a devil,

A shadow, in absence of sun,

The wife isn't dead, but her heart is a shrivel,

Of what they were to become.

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