Someone To Hold

July 29, 2008
By Alison Scurlock, Dublin, OH

I see a red door and i want to paint it black
I am so angry and I can't figure out why.
Words slip from my cold lips; too late to take them back
this is so hard, sometimes i don't feel the need to try.

I just feel so alone, so empty inside
sorrow grows, and deepens within me
I struggle to get by, just push the pain aside
there's no one to hold me, to them i look so happy.

I'm lost, and so confusedall the time
others, they feel anger towards me too.
whatever it is, i always did the crime
I do try, but whatever i do, i'm always in a permanant state of blue.

I hope someday that right person will find me,
Just hear me cry, understand my fight
Pull me close to you, i want to feel your heartbeat
Please tell me it will all turn out alright.

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