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May 24, 2012
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Much to her parents’ disapproval
At age 18,
Vanille already had a career,
That she loved,
That she did well,
That she was paid better than them for.

Why would they dislike this?

It’s a life long,
And well-paid job.

What is not to like?

Well, 18-year-old Vanille’s career-
Involves a habit that
Made her parents
Send her to rehab for years.

Severe pyromania.

Parachutes were invented for people jumping out of burning buildings.

18-year-old Vanille,
Owns and runs
A private demolition business.

She would spend her time in her chemistry class,
Thinking of newer ways to create her fireworks for work.
Instead of doing her class work.
Yet somehow, she passed.

She spends her vacation time
Building towers
From firewood, cans, or any form of garbage she could find,
Filling them with child’s toy army parachute men,
And examining her explosives.


Vanille will watch the towers explode,
Giggling and squealing,
Like a 5 year old,
In candyland,
On crack.

Vvvvt…vvvt…. Vvvt…

Every so often her phone will vibrate.

“Oh!” she’ll say,
Knowing exactly that that is another construction crew-
Requesting the best,
And most entertaining.
Demolitions expert in Wisconsin,

That construction crew won’t realize,
That they are hiring someone,
Who is not even out of school, yet,
To put on a fireworks show,
When it isn’t even June,
And sometimes,
When school hasn’t even started.

Even though her parents don’t like this career,
They accept it,
Because without it,
She might be in jail,
By now,
For arson,
Of course.

Vvvvt… vvvt… vvvt…

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