My Escape

July 6, 2012
To escape for a few minutes-
That is bliss
To have a friend ready in seconds-
That is my wish

And with her I have it-
A place to escape
A place where I’m not judged-
A place for serenity’s sake

I leave this world-
I go to my imagination
I become my friend-
I live my intentions

I forget what I do-
All I know is her
I forget what happens-
I’m her for hours

I fake a laugh-
I fake a smile
But during that time-
I’m gone all the while

She takes away my pain-
She’s a soothing voice
I know without her-
I’ll die without a choice

She takes care of me-
She walks my shoes
And all the while-
I take care of her too

For that is friendship-
That is why I give
That is love-
That is why live

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