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July 6, 2012
By FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
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Happiness can be found even in the most darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights

No one knows me quite like you. 
No one loves me as much as you do. 
You gave birth to me. 
Without you, I would never be. 

You do so much, and ask for little. 
Even though now, you may feel rather brittle. 
You speak what's on your mind. 
And still remain oh so kind. 

There's no one like you. 
There's no one who can do what you do. 
You stay so strong, inside and out.
Even though at times, you feel like you want to shout.

Alot is happening to you right now. 
Some things good and some things bad. 
And most times you feel really sad. 
But always remember... 

You are my hero, you are my life. 
And even though you may not be somebodies wife
You're still speacial, your still unique. 
And you still continue to seek
All that you want and all that you need. 
Wether it may be big or as small as a seed. 

I admire you so much. 
They say that the best thing in life is a mothers touch. 
But you are not like any other mother out there. 
As long as you are always near, I know I will  have no fear.  

When you smile, I smile. 
There's no one who cant recognize it, even from a mile. 
You love others more than yourself. 
You act like you and no body else. 

You are real, never fake. 
Even when life starts to shake. 
You remain the same
And never play any kind of games. 

You can be serious.
you can be fun. 
Especially when all the work is done. 
But for someone like you, work is always there. 
You hardly ever break down and always care. 

As I've said before, there's no one like you. 
No one at all. 
If ever you fall, you stand up and go on, like nothing has happened.
Nothing at all. 

I want you to forever stay, the same person you've always been. 
Live life to the fullest and see places you've never seen. 
I'll love you always
And will continue to remind you every single day. 

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