Death's Embrace

July 6, 2012
By JeseeJ.1996 BRONZE, Frankford, Other
JeseeJ.1996 BRONZE, Frankford, Other
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- Albert Einstein

My father was killed
My mother was starved
My brother was burned.
And I was to face
Deaths embrace

The floor of the camp
Was damp
With the blood of the innocent.
My second encounter
Of deaths embrace

If you could hear
(What I had to fear)
To see what I had seen,
To feel the pain of starvation,
You would know
Deaths embrace

You cannot compare,
To my despair
That was caused
By deaths embrace

When we bled,
With the dread we felt,
We fed to the eternal hunger
Of deaths embrace

Some were freed when touched
By deaths embrace.
Some were brought to their knees
Facing deaths embrace.
But we all must face
Deaths embrace.

The author's comments:
It obviously takes place in the Holocaust

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