July 6, 2012
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He’s there, forever at the forefront
Watching from a hole in the back, He sees.
Masked with a mystery so uncertain
And a pain so venomous, indeed
He strikes to kill.

Unmoving, strong may the position be
Held with thought for refusal.
Weakness? Once before broke the reins
Which now seem so perplexingly vital to remain
Capable of a control alluded to.

Broken bones re-build, with a stiffness to last
A lifetime. Movement reminiscent of an injury
Still tender - flinch from the offender
Who’s offence now resides in years past,
Memories never clear as fast.

Yet, with Change the director of time
Comes creeping curiosity. Enough room for danger
To seep through the cracks in thought,
Entrancing and seductive, Excitement
Will always overpower logic.

I’ll embrace the impending sickle,
For through it all, knowledge gained
Means more than guidance offered: I will not be
An ant, crushed on the sole of a soulless shoe.
But valiant. Confident.

Entwined, a haze of black and blue
No longer is there darkness; only risk.
Only you.

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