My Ex

July 4, 2012
By MoMo951 BRONZE, Prospect Park, New Jersey
MoMo951 BRONZE, Prospect Park, New Jersey
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What we had is over now
I guess ESL to you, so I’ll say ciao
Screaming that this isn’t allowed
All I have to say is take a bow

You’re my ex, how does it feel?
Now you have to sit alone during Sunday meals
People said our relationship was ideal
But what they didn’t know was you had an affair concealed

You can cry all you want
Guess it didn’t sink in, so I’ll write, it’s over in a bigger font
The next time you see me, with a new girl, I won’t vaunt
I am not that type of guy; so cry all you want

I actually thought you meant I love you
Those words stuck to me like glue
The s*** you put me through
Was worse than the ones left at the zoo

Now that you are my ex
What’s next?
Are you going to find a guy like Malcolm X?
We were bound to lose each other’s respect

I’m a new man
Everything is following as plan
Now I am no longer your kicking can
Did I tell you her name is Anne?

Hopefully, you are bringing up a storm
Love has many forms
But yours was just not in the norm
What I’m saying is true, you’re not misinformed

My new life has just begun
I’m going to have fun
This is not a pun
When I say we’re done

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