Calling a Friend MAG

July 5, 2012
By Mallory Ho BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
Mallory Ho BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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As you approach me, the world encloses and separates us from everything.
The sun seems to lose its grace and luster.
The ground feels as though it were not there; a figment of the imagination now
escaping beneath my feet.
My body is no longer a part of me.

As the tears begin to stream down your face, my entire body begins to tremble.
A thousand thoughts race across my mind and you are at the center of each
and every one of them.
Not a single word is spoken as you attempt to push a fraudulent smile through
your wet face.

As I search my mind for a word of comfort, I reach the perfect resolution.
I offer you my most sincere smile and you receive it with a look of relief.
I walk up beside you with open arms and you shyly fall into them.
The tears are now flowing from your eyes as your sobs are pouring from your
I calm you with my gentle hushes as a salty teardrop escapes from my damp,
restrained eyes.
I know I cannot solve your problems; I can only stay by your side throughout
your time of trial.

As silence falls upon us like the shadow of the night, the world stands still in our
moment of reflection.
I feel like we are forever protected from the world and all of its evils.
You are safe now and that is all that matters.
I cannot help but break down in tears when the soft words are released from
your no longer shivering lips …

"Thank you for being my friend."

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