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July 5, 2012
By Brooke Cooper BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
Brooke Cooper BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
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here is a piece of paper
just a piece of paper to the untrained eye,
but you have an imaginative soul and
a curious mind and you know what lays inside

one magnificent snowflake
a one of a kind gem that comes once in a
lifetime and melts perfectly on your nose.

a grassy field at the end of a long road
with hay bales to the sky and a perfect
hill to roll down and a perfect tree to climb

a hundred sunny days since the first one
that we shared and went swimming in the
lakes and fishing in my tub

a million different crayons as special as
the last, that have coloured our letters
and our posters at four in the morning

one great wondrous big dipper that’s
perfect from anywhere but breath-
taking from half-court

a billion old songs that always sound
better in our off-key duet and an equal
amount of poses to any available mirror

all the tears of frustration and petty
words over checkers but infinitely as
much laughter from things only funny
to the young at heart or absent in mind …

countless talks of all our past dishes and
desires our discussions where we differ
in religion, attitude, or mascara on a male

the imprints of our noses mine slightly
larger on the windows of the corner cafe

all the rain clouds we’ve danced under and
equally as many remarks we’ve endured … but
we’ve endured together

all this is ours contained in this piece
of paper time will take the paper
and for some the memory and eventually
but what is written in the words
is here forever, like our souls …
you me
our friendship

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