My Escape

June 30, 2012
By nena45 BRONZE, Elgin, Illinois
nena45 BRONZE, Elgin, Illinois
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Writing these poems is my escape to getting all of that anger out, and this is how I came to be about. They’re my life, they’re my all, and it’s like being trapped between these two walls. When I get lost, Reality is my fantasy and this is not something that gets you high as ecstasy. This feels like when you’re in a roller coaster that won’t let you get off but then at the same time you feel way at the top. It takes me up but at some point I make it stop, not coming down to the real world, that’s what I’ve always told and until this day I hold. Upon looking g for my perfect world I’ve stumbled upon something more cold. No more looking back, no more holding resents because that’s now in the past and this is my present. Regrets and remorse’s are to be laid in a dark basement and let that light shine on that new appraisement. Throw the old and bring the new that’s what I’ve known ever since I was two. Let easiness take hold and let bad thoughts out of control and see what’s brought

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