A Sad Girl

July 28, 2008
By Izien Ovbiagele, Richmond, TX

-A Sad Girl

A sad girl bears wounds skin deep,
listens but hardly speaks.
Behind her smile lies secrets.
Every night tears shed down her cheeks.

A sad girl sees what others fear.
Lays lonely in the dark,
praying and hoping God would listen.
Time passes as she sits in the park.

A sad girl says it's okay when it's not.
Pay close attention to her eyes,
you look up and she looks down.
Her grin is her disguise.

A sad girl never reveals her reality
each day is a new day to keep strong,
so when she hits the point of giving up
she remembers she's been doing this all along.

The author's comments:
my childhood, and throughout my early adolescent years, I experienced a great deal of pain so I would write poetry to express my inner thoughts. This poem goes out to any girl who ever had the thought of giving up embedded in her mind, that no, there is a chance of survival throughout life's challenges If you believe in yourself, and have faith.

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