Sweet Lips & Black Heart.

June 29, 2012
By Raquel25 GOLD, Centralia, Washington
Raquel25 GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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"Outer beauty is the eyes reaction to inner beauty"

You have a black hole heart
And as it begins to twist
It sinks into a lonely abyss.
You'd be led to think
That as it begins to sink
I'd be less drawn to standing on the brink,
But as I begin to fall
You begin to call and I begin to crawl
Back into this lonely abyss
That you call your wonderful mall.
It holds all your f--- ups,
Your mess ups,
Your suck ups,
All of your people both short and tall.
And in it there lies a long long list
Of all the girls you've kissed,
But I figured "oh well who could be missed?"
If I got to the top,
If I let it all rock,
And never said stop, then maybe something
In your head would pop.
It would click
It would tick, but I forgot
you thought with your d---.
Yet you didn't forget to kick
The dirt in my face
As I fell to this place.
This wonderful place
Along with all the other kisses you've taste.
Along with my kiss
You threw me to the abyss
Just another piece of you
I never shall miss.

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