An Ode to Poetry in Nature

June 25, 2012
By CaliGirl1014 SILVER, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
CaliGirl1014 SILVER, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
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Have you ever really stopped? Have you taken the time?
Quiet your mind, for the world around is filled with rhyme.
Poetry surrounds your daily life, if you just make the effort to hear.
Listen with your heart; do not listen with your ear.
Close your eyes, sit in the grass, let the sound of the world enter your soul.
Perhaps you will hear the whippoorwill call, soulful and sad as a death bells toll
Can you hear the wind above your head, soft music in the trees?
And down where you sit you are kissed by its breeze.
Then off in the distance a sound, a crack makes you jump
Fear not though, you’re safe in the grass, still and silent as a stump.
Now what do you hear? Chick a dee dee dee, a tiny bird comes to greet thee
The darling of the woods, in his suit of gray, black and white, oh such a sight
As above your head a raptor screams your eyes fly open as if on springs
An eagle is something to be more than just heard, you must also see the majestic bird
Now once again close your eyes my dear friend, for the poetry of nature has no end
If you sit very still, there is more to enjoy, more to be sung, more of nature’s prose
The buzz of a bee, a chattering squirrel, an angry chipmunk yelling at you
For you are in their world you share it with them, but now you have spent the time
And finally know that in their world all-around is nature’s poetry’s rhyme.

The author's comments:
This is my ode to nature, and really shares with my readers something I love to do myself. I will often walk to the woods behind my house and sit in one of our tree stands. I close my eyes and just listen, knowing that each time I do I will hear a different symphony.

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