Never Once

June 28, 2012
Never once did I think I would fall for you
but there I was emotionally attached with no clue
all I could think about was, me and you
but you don't want me so what am I to do?
all I remember you saying is "I'm sorry I played you"
funny how that all seems to go
But now that I know my heart sinks low,
Lower then the oceans great divine,
Now I must let my mind unwind
erase the memories, erase the pain
I don't think I'll ever be the same
How could love become such a game?
Was there a rep you had to maintain?
That girl you're with do you even know her name?
Did you chose her over me because I was plain?
I still think you can change, and for that am I insane?
No matter how hard I try you still remain.
My love for you will die in vain.

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