Don't Give It To Me

July 29, 2008
By Kristi Esposito, Irmo, SC

Don't give me your pity,
Unless I ask for it.
Because somebody out there,
Might actually want it.

Don't give me your hate,
Unless I give you a reason to.
Because my life has too many problems,
To deal with you.

Don't ask me any questions,
Unless I ask you one first.
Because my life has too many of those,
But not enough answers.

Don't give me your crap,
Unless I give you mine.
Because if I don't want to listen to it,
You're talking to deaf ears.

Don't give me your thoughts,
Unless I ask for one.
Because I can barely handle my own.
What makes you think I can work with yours?

Don't give me your happiness,
Unless I give you an invitation to share.
Because personally,
Save it for somebody who cares.

Don't give me your sadness,
Unless I ask to borrow it.
Because why would I want,
Something I always have?

Don't give me your anger,
Unless I caused it.
Because since I have so much of it already,
Any more might cause something bad to happen.

Don't give me your meds,
Unless I take them myself.
Because they won't work,
When the only thing I need is the one thing I've never had.

Here's what you can give me:

Always give me your love,
Even if I say I don't want it.
Because it's too embarassing to show weakness,
A hole in the armor.

When honestly,
I crave it.
Because it's the only thing I've never tried.
And it's the one thing I've never had.

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