June 26, 2012
By Delesia_Vanity BRONZE, Naugatuck, Connecticut
Delesia_Vanity BRONZE, Naugatuck, Connecticut
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"Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is your own skin."

The feeling of a blade tearing away at my skin? this is what happens when the torch-er begins. i cry and wonder why you hurt me so much, maybe if you feel this pain to you'll start to give a f***. On the outside I'm smiling so yeah i seem happy but on the inside I'm dying and crying pleading for help but not receiving any. Do you ever lock yourself in a closet to scream and cry, asking yourself why you just cant die? I don't think so, so ill take that as a no. You don't get it and you never will.. life's a b**** and that one thing that's for real... i try to stop and you trigger me again! oops there's another cut in my skin, oh no its been bleeding for hours!?!?!? i guess that's what i get for not being good enough for you. I'm sorry I'm not perfect I'm sorry you cant trust me me just for that ill put some more wounds on me. Cant you hear me cry cause i cant stop the bleeding? Now it wont stop all my strong blood cells are leaving... soon ill be in the hospital and you'll be asking why and ill have to tell you cause you were never by my side that you never gave a f***, that you never saw me threw... so thanks to that i owe this all to you! so what if i get cancer ? then ill surely die since i cut out all the blood cells i need to keep my f***ing self alive! but maybe it wouldn't be worth the fight, maybe i should just let go, fake my death and give you a funeral show! ill suddenly wake up and be alive! yeah... Thad be a pretty f***ed up surprise. sounds like a good plan but i cant do that to you.. your already pretty f***ed up aren't you to me wanna do this.. nah ill just cut my wrist.... this way... no ones put at risk.....

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