June 26, 2012
She feels dizzy, her mind's racing;
Falling to the floor, she can't stop shaking.
She's trying to stop, but it only makes it worse;
She's gasping for air, moaning like it hurts.

She can hear what they're saying, but it won't comprehend.
The pain is unbearable, she's clawing at her wrist...please make it end.
Just a thought, she's shaking in terror.
She knows what set it off...but she can't share.

She stopd shaking, but not for long.
Shaking so helplessly, the waves came back strong.
The panting and gasping are not helping.
She should be calming down, but can't cease the shaking.

Finally it ends, she is still and pale;
Breathing softly. Hair in front of her eyes in a messy veil.
Her heartache is returning, a tear escapes her right eye;
She's in shock. She can't expect anything more than to cry...

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