She Always Sat Alone

June 14, 2012
By , North Haven, CT
She always sat alone,
Forced to sink into her darkness,
Forced to be misunderstood.
Yes, she always sat alone.

She always felt alone.
Not understanding her pain,
Not understanding her sorrow,
She always felt alone.

She always cried alone.
She grabbed for a silver object,
Sharp and appealing,
Looking for brightness, perhaps the

color of love.

Scarred up and down her forearm,
She sat there to star,
As a tear fell on her wounds,
It's as she doesn't even car.

Because saddness drowned her pain.
Then she looked across the room,
She saw a girl...familiar,
But she never really knew.

A her reflection stared her down,
She asked in a whisper out loud.
"How'd this happen?"
It was for she always sat alone.

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