July 28, 2008
Daddy, i miss you.
Can i be your little girl again?
I know i havn't been the best daughter,
but i care,
i do care.

I'm sorry that ive hated you,
I'm sorry that my mum has too.
Hate is a horrible regret
But I care,
I do care.

I know you want to come home, i wish you could aswell.
Our home is no more, it belongs to someone else.
We can never go back, we must face that, i hope together.
But i care,
I do care.

I wish you called more, or visited.
I wish i called more, or knew what to say.
I appreciated you talking to me, like i was an adult.
Cos i care,
I do care.

I made the mistake of hating men,
because the men in my life have let me down,
thats not fair, because now i see your not entirely to blame.
But i care,
I do care.

Daddy i miss you.
I don't want to cry anymore - thats not me.
I hate that its taken this amount of time to realise
that we can't go back
we cannot relive those memories - good and bad

Daddy i miss you - i do care.

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PapasGirl said...
May 9, 2011 at 5:46 pm
This was beautiful my parents got a divorce when I was little and I have hated my dad for years. He never calls or emails, he wants me to come to his wedding but I don't want to because when ever I have something important  hes never there so why should I be there for something important to him? I have blamed my dad for some of the things that I am going through now because he has some of the stuff I have and he's not here to help me through it.
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