Leap of Faith

June 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Tattered wings
a broken smile
hey there friend
it's been a while

been some time
since we've had a talk
and poured out secrets;
let our souls unlock

Grab my hand,
I promise you well
this journey isn't easy
but the ending is swell

Stay by my side
and we'll survive it all
don't worry, I'll pick you up
each time you fall

Beautiful angel,
trust me now
look into my eyes
as I make my vow

We can fight the darkness
side by side
I won't leave you,
for I'll be your guide

I miss you much
I love you dear
but we'll make it through
if we face our fear

You wings are wounded
and you're scared to fly
but take the risk;
don't ask why

Take a leap of faith
don't be scared
and I warn you now
you'll be unprepared

But if you let me in
we can win this war
by fighting for you
but also for more

Oh dear friend
you've been so good
how I'd steal your pain away
if I could

But I can't
so I ask one thing:
can I fight with you?
Can I replace your broken wings?

Spill out your secrets
I won't judge
but if you need one
I'll give you a nudge

Your heart is crushed
and left to roam
I can provide you shelter;
I'll give it a home

Don't give up
hold your head high
because when you take that leap
you will fly

You will soar through the sky
my angel friend
the journey will be easier
if you take the hand I lend

Live you dreams
let each come to life
and when the pain strikes
turn to me, not the knife

I am forever blessed
to call you my freind
on me you can trust
on me you can depend

Stay strong dear Hayley
don't give up hope
fight that battle
you mustn't mope

I believe in you and all your dreams
and as the battle rages on I ask you this:
will you take that leap of faith
and not fall into the abyss?

Take my hand
I'm always around
one day I know
it'll be your dreams you found

So take that leap of faith
your wings I will mend
and always remember beautiful
I am proud to call you my friend

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my best friend, Hayley.

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