You Need Me

June 5, 2012
By torilynn2013 SILVER, Franklinton, Louisiana
torilynn2013 SILVER, Franklinton, Louisiana
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You need me?
Your sluggish posture
Your sad eyes
Your hidden feelings
Your hardened heart

As it would appear you needed me;

My head held high
My eyes – determined
My voice—loud, for all to hear
My heart? Well nobody cared

I was fine; you were scared,
You needed me

Time after time
They put me down
Time after time
You were there because,
You needed me

Well I was daring and that was something you needed to see;
You needed me

We saw you were scared;
You needed me

When times got tough I never shed a tear because;
You needed me

That stormy night; it did come
The one that would be my last

I knew it was time, at last
To admit the truth

I motioned you close and you took my cold hand

“I need you”, I uttered as I drew my last breath.

You. With your head hung
As it always was
Looked around at all we built together
And knew

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