Crazy Jack

June 5, 2012
By JulissaTorres BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
JulissaTorres BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Wow isn’t it a beautiful day Jack? Pooh said yes it is it’s a good day to lay down by the river too! Oh Jack you’re so lazy. Kangaroos are supposed to be full of energy! I am Pooh but I’m sort of tired today. I hopped all the way to the river and back that’s far! Oh then that explains Pooh said. Yeah well sunset is almost here so I’m going to find a place to sleep. Do you want to come Pooh? No, it’s fine thanks though! No problem Pooh see you tomorrow. Okay bye Pooh said.

Be quiet… He will hear us…. Don’t make a move. SHOOT! Said the zookeeper. JACK! WAKE UP! They’re going to catch you. Right when Jack heard that he instantly woke up. But before he could move all Jack remembered was waking up in a zoo in New York City. Also in a big van with a bowl of water and grass. Jack was scared because he has no clue of what was going to happen. Also he was thinking about Pooh and how she is probably freaking out right now. He had no clue of how to get back to Australia.

Jack already knew where he was going which was the zoo for sure. Jack didn’t hate the zoo because he’s very easy to get along with. But he just hates of how those animals are just basically locked up in a cage. He was mostly scared of rain and most defiantly thunder. Jack was very confused. He didn’t know how people would react when they saw a kangaroo. Well I mean he didn’t know how people would treat but Jack is very friendly and sweet to everybody he meets.

Finally they got to the zoo and Jack said he had never seen so many people in his life before. All he saw was different faces and people smiling, everywhere he looked he there were people staring at him. Then when they put him in the cage Jack was worried if he would ever see Pooh again. Pooh was Jack’s best friend he didn’t know what he could do without her. Then all of a sudden a little boy came up to Jack and just looked straight at him and fell in love with Jack and Jack knew that they were going to be friends. Jack was not just a regular kangaroo, he could also talk and he had many special talents.

The little boy said “Hi” so did Jack. Where did you come from? The little boy asked. I came all the way from Australia. Oh that’s far the little boy said. Yeah it is actually Jack said. What’s your name? My name is Jack but everyone calls me crazy jack. Oh I’ll just call you Jack. Okay sounds good to me Jack said. What’s your name? Justin and I’m 11 years old. Oh that is so cool Jack said. Do you want to be friends asked Justin? Yes I would love to that would be cool and fun said Jack.

So the next day came and Jack was still confused because he didn’t know why he was still confused because he didn’t know why he was still in the cage! But Jack was happy because Justin came to the zoo again. Nobody knew that they were friends. Well besides them. Jack and Justin always had a great time together. They always laughed and made up jokes together.

One day Jack said to Justin that he should get him out of this cage. Justin wanted to but he didn’t know how to get the key. So Jack told him exactly how so Justin did. Jack was so happy so that night they ran off together and went to Justin’s House. Justin’s mom was asleep so she didn’t see Jack.

Justin one day thought maybe Jack should go back to Australia .So he told Jack and Jack said he really wants too but he really doesn’t want to leave his best friend. So Justin said Jack, Pooh probably misses you and is worried. Jack said true but he just can’t leave Justin because Justin will miss him too
Justin I’m not going to leave you here your like another brother to me. Jack you have too. No Justin. Fine then Justin said. You can stay here on one condition. Okay what’s the condition? You share a room with me. Okay deal. Best friend….

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