Dark Of My Soul

June 12, 2012
By Shayne Austin-Hanson GOLD, Stockton Springs, Maine
Shayne Austin-Hanson GOLD, Stockton Springs, Maine
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Darkness draws near,
Slowly surrounding me,
Until there’s nothing,
Left to see,

So I close my eyes,
Take a deep breath,
Build up,
My strength,

I open my eyes,
See the world around me,
Is no longer there,
The darkness is everywhere,

I start to fall,
Into an empty abyss,
Opening my mouth,
A soundless scream,

A distant cry,
An endless night,
A lost thought,
A sudden shock,

I hit the water,
Lose my breathe,
Start to sink,
Start to drown,

I try to surface,
Known it’s useless,
My feet brush the bottom,
My heart begins to flutter,

I close my eyes,
Count to three,
Push off,
Break the surface,

Gasp for breathe,
I find myself,
All alone,
In an empty world,

And look into the dark,
Of my soul.

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