A Good Day

May 27, 2012
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What is a good day? It’s so different for many people. For some a good day could be a trip to Disney world, for others it could be a day out with friends, then for some people a good day could just be a day where they have food and shelter. So what is a good day to me? For me a good day would be a day filled with laughter. A good day would be a day where I could be surrounded by the people I love; friends and family. A good day would be the day I wouldn’t have to fight or argue with anyone. Not my parents, not my friends, not my brother and sister, no one; just a day with no drama. No worries. A day like this reminds of my childhood. When I was a kid I was always surrounded by my loved ones, I laughed all the time for no reason, and I had nothing to worry about. As the years go on these things get harder to do. Family moves away, one develops less of a sense of humor, and you suddenly have all these things to worry about. But when I was a kid none of the bad stuff existed. The world was a perfect place in my eyes. This would be a good day, a day where I could think like that again. A day where I could be truly happy. No stress, no responsibilities, and no worries. There would just be laughter and joy. A day I could do everything and anything, live as if I were to die the next day. Children are really the only happy ones, or at least I think so. Sure adults and adolescents can be happy but not entirely like kids. They have too much to worry about; school, work, money. Kids have nothing to stress about. They have fun whatever the situation. They laugh at nothing and are just full of happiness. So many people wish to grow up faster and then waste their childhood and end up regretting it. Childhood is such a precious time, everyone at one point in their lives wish to go back to it for these reasons. A good day would be a day I could just act like a kid again and truly be happy. I wish I was a kid again.

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