My Memory Of Me

June 10, 2012
By LJVedack GOLD, Canby, Oregon
LJVedack GOLD, Canby, Oregon
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In the future,
When I’m gone,
Don’t forget me,
Sing a happy song.
I won’t be around forever,
I will crumble in to dust.
You must understand life,
And only see the plus.
Life isn’t for good.
It has an inevitable end.
But when you embrace the truth,
All you are seems to mend.
Don’t take it the wrong way,
Nobody should want to die.
But since one day I will,
I’m making sure I say goodbye.
I will never leave without a reason,
My mother taught me better.
But too soon I will have to leave,
And that’s why I wrote this letter.
To leave a memory of me,
My memory.
In this time of forgetfulness,
I will leave no other melody.
This is my memory of who I am.
You may not be down with that.
But I wasn’t the crack pot a**hole,
And in your face, I never spat.
I only had good things to say,
You were the one who b****ed.
I won’t forget you kid,
But I am looking forward to being hitched.
I can’t do jack s*** for you.
My time on here is nearly gone.
M final words have got some meaning…
I hope you understand the last words of my dying song.

The author's comments:
Writen on 6/10/12 at 3:10 PM in my room, on my bed. Thinking about how Life has to end sometime but we cant know exactly when. So, this is why I wrote it.

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