Who are we?

June 19, 2012
We think we know
We think that it is in our grasp
Holding on to life
With ever effort we clasp

But what are we holding?
Who is this person that we try to make?
For a life without God
Is nothing but fake

No matter how we try
The hole will remain
The burdens will grow
And there will only be more pain

We can’t stop it on our own
No matter how we try
Our lives will just grow older
Without learning to fly

But you see there is more
More to this than we know
For we have a Savior
That told us not to go

We have a Savior
That stood for us when no one else would
That took a stand
When no one else could

Came perfect
No need to be human
But left covered in sin
The perfect sacrifice

But why?
Why would anyone do this for me?
The truth is, it isn’t deserved
But it is free

So friends,
Take the gift while it is here
Let go of your hearts
And all of your fears

For this life
Its not life at all
Unless we have Jesus
To catch us from our fall

“Each of you are beautifully and wonderfully made by an amazing God, without Him there will always be that hole, let Him in, He fills the void”

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