June 19, 2012
By Anonymous

You say your sorry for all the strain
But thats not enough to ease this pain
Watching the tears slide down my face
One by one they seem to race
You want your last breath of air
To me that seems selfish and unfair
In my eyes we will be close till the end
Your broken heart, I wish i could mend
I am your sister but do you care
You still cut hopeless and unaware
You gaze at the sun but see no light
You feel that recovery is out of sight
It hurts me to see you cry
Over how everyday you want to die
Your wrists tell the story
Of the tears and the glory
Stains of the blood flow
We will take recovery real slow

The author's comments:
My sister has been addicted to self harm for along time and she never realized home much it effected every one around her the thought that any day could have been her last killed me inside untill i wrote this for her and now she has been harm free for 10 months! I am so proud of her!

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