Something I've Dreamed of Telling you

May 26, 2012
By Clickhere80 BRONZE, None, Indiana
Clickhere80 BRONZE, None, Indiana
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I am absolutely, positively, undeniably in love with you.
And for me it is the scariest thing in the world.
You set my heart beat on fire.
You scatter my brain.
You tie my tongue in so many knots I can’t even explain.
And that makes this all the scarier.
It scares me to know that I can’t figure you out
I’m mean; you can read me like a book.
But me, I couldn’t read you if you were a three letter word.
And it absolutely terrifies me to tear out all the pages of my heart for you, knowing that I can’t have you.
I know you have someone but my heart just won’t accept. I yearn for your love like I need my next breath.
I feel like with me is where you are supposed to be and that she is only what you think you need.
And that I can heal all the pain that was ever painted into your heart, if you just let me.
I know with her you feel your heart is safe and with me it’s at risk, but come on baby take that risk.
I am aching, yearning, praying, and reaching for your love.
But I’m only touching the tips of your fingers when I should be holding the palms of your hands.
Marry me.
I know that we’re young and that I seem crazy but these are just my emotions speaking.
I would sacrifice anything under the sun if we were ever to be.
Let me step back, take a breath and pop all my feelings back into my chest.
Loving you is like a sin and I pray on my knees every night that i get better.
But it never works you see because every time I see your face my heart turns into a gymnast doing all types of flips and turns in me.
I CAN’T HELP IT and I WON’T PRETEND that I’m ok with just being friends.
I wish I could take you deep inside my heart to show how hard it beats for you.
Baby I need you.
I need you like an infant to a mother.
Like a woman to a man.
Like an alcoholic and his next drink.
Baby it’s just that bad.
I’m sorry; this must be confusing or maybe a little uncomfortable for you.
This is just something my heart dreams of telling you.

The author's comments:
My first love inspired me to write this. Even though they caused me a lot of pain and heartache, i will always love them for making me feel this way.

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