June 18, 2012
As I stare at the paste tinted wall, there's a sound i hear. the nurse walks in...dead silence... She sits on the edge of the bed and coughs, "I'm sorry honey, your body is breaking down every organ at a tI'me". then she steps gently out of the room. I can feel the tears thrashing down my face,then hear a scream. Its my mother...She gracefully wraps me in her arms... I feel her, I feel her pain, thoughts, and decision. The decision I'm not ready for. At all the decision no mother should make. The doctors rush in.. I hear my mother screaming No! No! NO!! but i guess she was to late. Looking down at that room her, me. She kissed my bald head then rushed out in the hall. Head to her hands, whimpering i try to scream mommy, mom?? but no words cough up.

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