Oh The Highway

June 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Oh the highway,
Gone in a day.
Town after town, mile after mile,
The tank is full, I checked the dial
The semi’s all ready and so am I
I feel like I could fly.

Seven in the morning.
No weather warning.
Hooked up to the trailer,
A moment, to savior.
Who needs a jet?
The semi’s all set.

I’m the queen of the road,
I could just glow.
So high in the sky,
The miles fly.
Power down the interstate
I’ll never be late.

Started in Canada
No need to go to Montana.
First Minnesota
Then North and South Dakota.
Kansas, but first, Nebraska.
I’m lost if I hit Alaska

Oklahoma, one more,
Texas, the one I’m here for.
Load up, strap down
Turn around
Time to head back north
I set forth.

Back to Canada, back to my home
Though I will admit, I still love to roam
I pass the border
The papers are all in order.
Hear the roar, feel the power!
I love this hour.

Back in my bed
I rest my head.
I need a good night’s sleep.
I leave in less then a week.
I will start the trip again
And I can’t wait to begin.

The author's comments:
This was an ELA poem that I had to write. Its about the trip that my dad took me on. It is a four to five day trip. This is the trip that i want to drive when Im old enough to drive truck.

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