Waiting Anxiously

May 29, 2008
By Katie Kolster, Delafield, WI

It started before high school
Trying to be cool
Doing anything to be a queen
Even if it meant making a scene
…whatever it took

Freshman year, where it all began…
Fitting in was the most important plan.
School never mattered
Girls’ confidence were shattered
…whatever it took

Sophomore year hit hard
We always had to be on guard
It was necessary to be thin,
And have perfect skin
…whatever it took

Junior year we started to grow
We stayed away from the flow
We became mature
And secure
…nothing ever mattered

Senior year the best time of our lives
When the acceptance letters finally arrive
We stop caring
And get over all the people staring
…nothing ever mattered

College is coming up quick
We’re free from cliques
And done with drama-filled girls
We’re ready to give it a whirl
…nothing ever mattered

Why did it have to matter?

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