June 1, 2012
By Aelirie SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
Aelirie SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
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She is everywhere.
She creeps into the darkest corners of your life and fills in even the smallest cracks.
She is impossible to get away from.
She will be there. She will stalk, talk, spy, and obsess.
She will say things she doesn’t want you to hear.
She will say too many things that she does want you to hear.
She will come off as every personality you’ve ever thought of, and then some.
She will be a b****, the greatest thing to happen to you,
The one that made your day a bit happier,
The one that made it a bit worse.
The one that made it a lot worse.
She will annoy you.
She will interrogate you and show you sides to her that she doesn’t wish to exist.
She will have emotional breakdowns you don’t know about.
She will have emotional breakdowns you do know about.
But the ones she hides,
She is ashamed to let anyone see.
She will crave you.
She will be selfish.
At the least.
She will grab you and will not let you go.
She will have a need for you so intense; she’ll try to rip you away from others.
She will be your enemy.
She will be your best friend.
She will be your love.
She will want you to show her you love her.
She will want you to prove it.
She will hurt her own self.
She will search places she doesn’t need to be.
She will see people she doesn’t have any business knowing about.
She will hurt her own self in the end.
She will hate you.
She will have countless breakdowns and too many in-between.
She will complain and whine and cry.
You will get tired of it.
You will get tired of her and
She will be the one at fault.
It will be her own fault that it happened like she knows it will.
She will say something she doesn’t need to say.
You will read something and lack the understanding of it.
This lack will have nothing to do with you.
It will be because of her and her own stupidity.
She will need your strength.
She will make you her foundation.
You will be there for her to fall back on.
She will dump all of her problems on you.
She will speak plain and ugly truth.
She will hate herself.
She will talk herself into depression.
She will make you go insane at times.
She will want you to make it all about her.
She will want to know that she is the whole of your world.
She will go on a rampage of angry words.
She will spill them out to you.
She will pray and hope to god you don’t take it wrong.
She will take you on the ride of your life.
You will love it.
Then comes the addiction.
You’ll need it.
You will creep into the darkest corners of her life and fill in even the smallest cracks.
You will be her life.
You will keep her from destroying herself.
You will save this beautiful disaster.
You will hold her in your arms and call her your own.
You will see her at her worst.
That will be the best part.

You will need her trust.
It will be almost impossible to accomplish this.
This is the part where she rips your life away.
No, you won’t be stuck in this world without a life.
She will give you a new one.
It will be her.
You will be addicted to this new life.
She has come to provide something completely new, strange and unexplored.
She will promise you that you will love every single bit of it.
She will leave you with unanswered questions. Solve this horrifyingly beautiful puzzle that is me.

The author's comments:
Love inspired me.

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