Who I Am?

July 29, 2008
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Let me tell you a little about me
i started rapping when i was 3

i wrote this song to show you how i feel
believe it or not this song is real

as i look at myself in the mirror
i wonder what it would be like to be
to be at the top of the pyramid
as the king of R and B

having the girls at my finger tips
letting them know how i roll
teaching them how its done
and showing them who is in control

so i sing this song from deep inside
to release my emotions and get off this ride

i am tired of all these block
all these bumps in my way
its time for me to scream
and show that today is my day

i have been living with somebody
a person i can't recognize
this person has no fear
this person never lies

however i still need this person
need him in my life
i don't know what i will do with out him
i probably wont survive


i am letting this reflection
tell me who i am supposed to be
no i can't let this happen
i must be the real me

i might be nerdy and uncool
sit alone by the pool

i be picking up my dates on my bike
taking them to mcdonalds or any place i like

i know i am not romantic
i am not a ladies guy
but who would want to be that
and live their life a lie

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amir said...
Aug. 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm
this is the best poem i have ever read
i really like it a alot and hope it is published in the magazine so i can show it to all my friends
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