Pathway To Hell

June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Twisting, turning
Fires burning
I make my way down the path
Awaiting the Ruler’s wrath.
Seven levels, I fight through
On my quest to find you.
No where do I see the love I seek
But I do see the sufferings of the weak.
Bleeding and shaken, I move on
As my demons show me what is wrong.
The gluttony, the greed, and the lust I feel
I fight past the images with out an appeal.
The closer I got, the stronger they grew
And the only other person who saw, was you.
You saw the monster I try to hide
Chained and gagged inside.
But the only thing the Ruler hid about me
Was that all my love was only for thee.
When I found you, I was so happy
But it left as soon as I saw you were disgusted with me.
I begged and pleaded it wasn’t true
But you said you’d seen the images too.
You said for me to leave, to go away
And never to try to come back another day.
Shaken, I left without a good-bye
I swore I would never let you see me cry.
The Ruler laughed as I did depart
“Child of Light, you had lost from the start.
Now you’ll think twice before you dwell
On the pathway to hell.”

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