Eternal Slumber

May 20, 2012
By Jayne53 SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
Jayne53 SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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"A wise woman kisses, but does not love, listens, but does not believe, and leaves before she is left."- Marilyn Monroe
"Don't call me sugar."- Scarlett O'Hara

Sanity spinning round’ the room

Never-ending might

Too soon swoons the soaring stars

Giving up the fight

Daylights sun cast out your ray

Rounding up the day

Always calling

While freefalling

Sounding out my name

Tumble tumble

Rumble rumble

Screeching to a halt

Sprouting screams

Running water

Can you taste the salt?

Can you see whose fault?

Will you find the wrought panicked breaths?

Coming from dawns early lungs?

Singing secret tunes

Different than before

Like forgotten lore

Hear the song that’s sung

Flashing in the dark

Spark spark spark

Wake wake wake

Fall fall falling

Down for God’s sake

Will you seek the halted breaths?

Will you find the sum?

Willing arms and body’s limbs

All but seem so numb

Beg the fate of morning’s glory

Plead for evermore

While conscious hope leaves eyes of wonder

The years begin to pour

Out of mind and out of heart

Faded light succumbs

Over eyes deprived of life

Lost in eternal slumber

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