June 9, 2012
By JGremlin BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
JGremlin BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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She laughed
An absurd, charming little laugh
"Do they miss me?"
Her face was sad and lovely
with bright things in it
bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth
There was an excitment in her voice:
a singing compulsion
That voice was a deathless song
"Do they miss me?"
Men who cared for her found it difficult to forget
She laughed again
as if she had said something very witty
"Do they miss me?"
Her face was smeared with tears
"Do they miss me?"
He hadn't once ceased looking at her,
her well-loved eyes
He was consumed with wonder at her presence
"Do they miss me?"
She tumbled short of his dreams
He turned to her with a rush of emotion
She promised that there was no one in the world she so much wanted to see
"Do they miss me?"
They had forgotten me.

The author's comments:
I took my favorite lines describing Daisy throughout the book, "The Great Gatsby" and made it into a poem about her.

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