look what you did to me .. !!!..

May 30, 2012
By Anindita SILVER, Calcutta, Other
Anindita SILVER, Calcutta, Other
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Here lies my heart,
All broken and torn
No feelings left in it
with which I'd mourn.

Here lies my mind,
Which has repressed
All the memories I have of us
that have left me a mess.

Here lies my soul,
Which you took away.
Alongwith my faith in you
that you broke in a day.

The feeling of revenge
has long since gone.
I flare up now and then,
but I struggle to move on.

Letters, memories, a full inbox
A cricket match that never was.
I called you a coward, I'd still call you that;
'cause the way you left
hurt me pretty bad.

Here do I lie,
Pensive and glum
Waiting with a sore heart
knowing you'd never come.

Numbness doesn't help
As I have realised.
I simply don't care--
and that's the tag line.

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