It's No Big Deal...

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

-“Are you ready?”

-“I don’t know. Are you? Is it too fast?”

-“I’m ready. It’s not like
I’ve never done it before.
It’s your first time. What are
you thinking?”

-“I just figured the first time
would be different.
What if something goes wrong?”

-“What’s the worst that
could happen? People do it
all of the time and nothing
bad ever happens. Trust me,
once you start you'll see it’s really fun.”

-“I’m scared. What
if I regret even coming
here after it starts?”

-“Just trust me. We’ve been
together all of this time and
we still haven’t done it. We’ve
talked about it, yeah, but that
isn’t the same. I’ve been waiting
for a long time.”

-“I know. I’m sorry.”

-“What do you say?”

-“Okay. I’ll do it, but just
this one time.”

-“That’s all I’m asking for.”


-“I can’t believe you’re finally going your first roller coaster!”

The author's comments:
It's based on a true story. :P

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