my grandma and me

June 7, 2012
By Jessicabl BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Jessicabl BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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“Don’t worry, everything will be alright” my grandma said to me over the phone. There was some family drama and my grandma was talking to me about it. She was telling me how everything would be alright. Because I was a little sad. That to me was a moment to remember. It kind of reminded me of a movie. Like when something bad happens to someone and the mom or dad is telling them that everything would be fine and to not worry about it.

I remember one time when my cousin Aaron and I went to go visit our grandma up where she lives in Door County. After a couple days that we were there. She took us to a little store; there were a lot of little neat things in there. We were walking looking around, and that’s when it happened; she said that she felt like she was having a heart attack. I felt my heart starting to beat faster, she got us in the car and we rushed to the walk in clinic which was just a block away. She told them she thought that she was having a heart attack. And Aaron and I had to sit and wait in the waiting room, while grandma was by the doctor. I was really worried about my grandma. “don’t worry grandma will by fine” Aaron said to me, he looked a little worried himself. Then my grandpa came about 10 minutes later. Then when grandpa took us out to eat Chinese food. He told us not to worry and that grandma would be okay. But what if she wasn’t? I kept thinking. We went back to the walk in clinic to check on grandma. We sat in the waiting room when the nurse came up to us with a grin on her face and said. “Your grandma is okay.” I was so relived to hear that. Because without my grandma I would be empty. It would feel like someone just ripped my heart out. I would have no one to talk to ever when I needed to talk. I would be the saddest person in the world. I was so relived to hear that nurse saying that my grandma was okay.

Now this is a moment I will never forget. For some reason it just got to me. One time when my grandma, my cousin autumn (who was about 6 at the time), and me. Went to a graveyard, just to visit and read some random graves. My grandma read one to me and autumn. It said the persons name and from the years 2001-2002. I said “she was just a baby when she died” autumn started saying that we needed to dig the baby out of the ground and save her. We explained to her that she is dead now and she’s in a better place.

“Where?” asked autumn. My grandma and I looked at each other.

“Up in heaven” I said

“Where’s that?” she asked still looking in the sky I pointed up to the sky. She looked up to wear I was pointing. “I don’t see her” she said. Me and my grandma looked at each other and giggled. Then we left. For some reason that is a moment I will never forget.

My grandma is my best friend in the world, without her I would have no one. My grandma is the only person that I can tell anything to. She is my favorite person to talk to. And I love her for that.

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