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June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Have you ever understand why writing is so important? Did you ever know there’s a lot of a reason why writing is important? Well, read and see my reason why! Myself as a writer I improved this year understanding my writing, I also improved in my abilities to write more, and work on my writing skill to help me in the future career as a doctor or nurse.

First of all, my freshman year started off rough after summer because of a long 3 month of not holding a pencil. I came back not knowing that my whole freshman year will be full of writing essays. I dislike essay because I have never liked to write and think because I disliked my hand writing how it always was sloppy. Overall my freshman year even if I knew, and had no idea what was coming to hit me in the face, I understand why because of my sloppy hand write that cause me to dislike writing so much. I understand why I never liked writing, better than some who choose not to write because their lazy. I choose to write because I understand why I have to? I write because I choose to improve, not for a grade on a paper, but for an improvement mean a step closer to success. Even if I understand my writing I improve more by encouraging myself to write.

Second information about myself as a writer, I improved by writing more and more. Each daily life you have to write for example; name, invitation, love letters, sorry letters, farewell letters, and etc. Our life depends on just writing a simple letter. Each day you may not know, but I write a letters, messages, and quotes on to a notebook just so that I can see if I improve each day or not on how neat my hand writing is and if my spelling is getting better. Writing in a notebook a page long helped me a lot, not with essays, but with poem. The poem unit was my most favorite part of the whole freshman year because over all my essays I had a B or lower, but for my poems I had an A overall my essay compare to one poem I did better. Poems encourage me to write more and more because I understand what I have to write therefore than essay I have no idea even if you give me a head start I will get lost on my way. You can say that essay is just not how I role because I just suck at it. My most favorite poem that I ever liked and got an A on was the poem we had to write for someone for valentines and that was the start of getting me to write more and more. Writing may have been hard on writing all the essays overall the freshman year, but I helped myself even better.

Third information about me as a writer, a career life is what little kids dream to become. My dream is to become a doctor or nurse. Writing in life depends on a lot a need like writing a letter to tell someone their disease and also writing the type of disease and prescription. Writing has a big impact because if I was to become a doctor, but had bad hand writing and didn’t know how to spell can lead to major big causes and no one would want to hire a person like that. Myself I improve more, but still have a long way to go and understand all the need in writing. My plan as a writer I plan to do little more writing or typing over the summer, and hope that by the time school starts again I improve a little bit more.
Last of all myself as a writer I understand my writing, I wrote more and more over the past several months, and my career life had a big impact on writing. This whole freshman year I learned many new thing and review I learned, but I still have a long way to go to become a better writer and better speller

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