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June 7, 2012
By DTosh BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DTosh BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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My day
I want to talk about hating
Hate is creating ways to ruins peoples fates whether it is
Me, you, school, him, her, them and for those who can’t be cool
When something’s determined to be frowned upon we throw our crowns up on
These first parts a little boring you’re probably starting to drool
So don’t be a fool
Their sad they drink
The pain and shame they try and drown it out
This rhyme try and sound it out
Beat them try and pound it out
She’s fat
He’s a four eyed greasy rat
She’s emo
He’s a f**
She’s a wh***
Wait there’s more
He’s weak
She’s a freak
And he’s tweakin that you’re gonna beat him
And try and rob him of his dignity and happiness
Wait what is this
You’re just so full of it
His only wish is to be clean like dishes
So get out of my kitchen and don’t take my toaster just get in my oven you pig get roasted
I told you i'm not your mom I’m not gonna scold you
This game you play is old just like they told you
These people telling about themselves is risk in revelation so you can’t reach my elevation
As an anarchist I will rule this nation
Bend and twist to my creation and a mass effect the devastation of no fences no boundaries
No police the job itself will be deceased
You higher authorities can’t deal with me
Angered by you hypocritical claims I can’t be tamed, a demon beast is released
You say what’s with this anarchy crap so don’t give me that and is this a poem or a rap
You say you slob get a job you bum you lost your lust
Chewed and spit out like gum
You think I’m dumb you say I’ll never come to be anything greater
Just wait tell later
Telling me what I can and can’t do
You tell me to write and I’ll write you, despite to the fact that’s it’s all about your authority over mine
You say respect your authority and to h*** with mine I wrote this line for line just as I should have
I mean I would have taken a different style but screw it I took that ripped it out and threw it
I said i’m not going to do this well look I did it my way it’s my way is the high way it’s not what you say because this day is my day

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