My Hero

June 7, 2012
When people ask you who is your hero what do you say? I usually don’t know what to say I have so many people I could call my hero like my sister, grandma, and brother but I know for sure that my hero is and will always will be my dad. My dad is so many things, but the things I notice more than others are that he’s hard working, a good cook, and independent.

My dad has always been there for me no matter what for example he never gave up on getting me back, or how he is always worried about me wondering if I’m okay, but that’s not why I call him my hero he is my hero because of the things he does he is one of the most hard working people I have ever met. He is always working on one of his projects some of his projects are fixing his car, working on tractors and fixing stuff around the house. When he starts something he’s always determined to finish before the day is over. I know that I am not as hard working as my dad. I know that it isn’t a good thing, but my dad always wants me to try my best which I do and I know that makes him proud. Another example of him being hard working is when he knows that something needs to be fixed is he is responsible and he makes sure that the job gets done before he does anything else. When I see my dad working on something he looks so focused and determined. I make sure I don’t bother him unless it’s an emergency, but most of the time I bother him anyways. What I mean by emergencies is if my little sister gets hurt, or if something broke.

In my point of view my dad is a very good cook he makes up his own recipes and in the end his food always taste’s good but, not everybody likes the food but that doesn’t matter as long as he likes his food. When my dad cooks he doesn’t like getting interrupted so he makes every one get out of the kitchen until he’s done with the food. I wish I could cook as good as my dad but, I know that will never happen his recipes are his secret and he doesn’t want them to get shared with anyone. My favorite food my dad makes is his chili he makes it very often cause he likes his chili as well, but some other foods he makes are lasagna, cake, cookies, Chinese, salad, and chicken. I watch him make food sometimes when he’s in the kitchen I observe the surrounding’s I see the brown tan cupboards, greenish counters, and the white oven. My dad fits so perfectly in the kitchen he moves so fast when he makes food but it’s graceful at the same time.

I always try to be independent and not ask for help and succeed by myself; I guess I get that from my dad he is very independent he doesn’t like relying on other people he likes getting things done by him self. Some things that he does by his self are work outside on tractors, cars, the lawn, and the house. He doesn’t want anybody working with him or helping him with anything he feels better if he does stuff his self it will get done right and he won’t have to redo any thing, but its not like he doesn’t trust any one he trust me, Sawyer, my Grandma, and my sister. I think him being independent is my favorite thing about my dad. I like the fact he wants to do good in life and get stuff done by him self, but ever now and then he asks for some help. That’s rarely ever he asks for help. When he asks me for help I feel like he trusts me to help him and not screw up, but in a way it brings us closer when I help him with stuff I can talk to him about anything I want and he will always talk to me back. My dad is very successful in a way he’s helping me become successful too he is teaching me how to be responsible and learn how to do things with out always relying on other people.
In conclusion my hero is my dad and he will always be my hero no matter what happens to him or me. He’s like the Superman to me, always saving me and I am greatful for my very own “Superman.”

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