Holly and Cancer

June 4, 2012
By ALCarlson97 BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
ALCarlson97 BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
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When I was 4 1/2 years old, my family dog, Holly, got bone cancer in her leg. We went to the vet for her annual check- up and they said everything was fine. About a month later she was having trouble walking so we brought her to a family friend, she was a vet, she took some blood and did some other tests and x- rays.

The phone rings and my dad answers. “Hello... Really...Are you sure... 100%... Okay, can you fix it?... WOW what else... Okay... Thanks... bye.” He hangs up. “Joanna can I talk to you in our room please.” Me and my sisters, Meghan (9) and Elsie (1) stayed with Holly and Tasha (our other dog) in the living room.
“It’s okay girl.” I said.
“We aw wove you.” My younger sister ,Elsie, said.

“Don’t go girl.” My older sister, Meghan, said.
“Girls can we talk to you for a minute?” My mom said.
“We have some bad news.” My dad said in a quiet, soothing voice.
We all sat on the soft, cool couch. “Holly has bone cancer.” My mom said as she started to look worried that we were going to cry.

“Wait what?” Meghan said in a surprised tone in voice.

“Howy has bone cancer” Elsie said being a smart alec.

“Yeah, I got that but I didn’t get how.” Meghan said.

“Really?” I said ,not knowing how she didn’t know, She was in 4th grade.

“Yes she does so we are putting her down, tomorrow.” My parents said sadly.

“Tomorrow?” Meghan yelled.

“NOOOOOOOOOO” Elsie cried

“We can’t. Who will play with Tasha?” I said sadly.

The next day we went to the vet. It was the longest ride to the vet in my life. I was so upset. When we got to the vet my dad and I went into a room with Holly. The vet walks in. “Are you guys ready?”

“No” I say, “What are you going to do to her?”

“I am going to give her a shot that the doctors use to put people to sleep and...” getting cut off by me screaming.
“Doctors put people to sleep. They KILL them.”
“Yes Ally Doctors kill people.” My dad says in a sarcastic voice.
“Really?” I say not knowing if he really meant it.
“No, It’s called amnestija,” he replies.
“Already then. Is the rest of the family coming in?” The vet asks.

“Its only us.” My dad answers.

The needle wasn’t that big but it looked scary. She put it in. Holly slowly closed her eyes and I started to cry. My dad and I went to see the rest of my family and then we went home, had dinner and went to bed. Holly’s body got cremated and she is laying peacefully in our front yard. Her grave stone has a dog tag on it and it says “We lived... we laughed... we loved and we will forever and ever. R.I.P...Holly!!”
Now we have 2 dogs but they are not the same as Holly. I wont find a dog as happy and playful as her ever again. Now I know to enjoy life as Holly did.

The author's comments:
This is about my first dog Holly getting Bone Cancer and passing. It was a hard time not only for me but for my dad. She would follow him to work and my mom would have to go get her.

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